The challenge is real

You invest a lot of time and money to acquire a new customer. Let’s help you keep your customers around so they can spend more with you.


Customers spend 12%-18% more when using cards instead of cash.


Companies see a 28% to 30% increase in sales with co-branded cards.


Stored value accounts used in apps by brands such as Starbucks have been found to increase spend per customer by as much as 2-3X.

How customer engagement and revenue growth programs help:

  • Create stored value accounts for your customers
  • Issue refunds, cashback rewards, or other bonuses to their accounts
  • Allow them to add funds to their accounts
  • Issue a co-branded card that can only be used for purchases with you (or other merchants you designate)

Business benefits

Customer Loyalty

Increased sales per customer

Customer Retention

Longer customer lifetime


Increase brand awereness

Who can this help?

Anyone with high customer acquisition costs looking to maximize customer revenue over the long term

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Hospitality
  • Consumable goods
  • And more

What's included in our Customer Engagement and Revenue Growth Technolgy Blend?

Quick Start for BusinessesEmbedded for Developers
Customer Engagement & Revenue Growth
Rewards/cashback/incentive cards
Refund payouts
Store / Vendor Credit
Stored value accounts (neobanking)
Insurance claim payouts
BNLP enablement
Gig delivery network enablement (Uber etc)
Crypto enablement
Custom Program (Blend Your Own)

Businesses, start here.

Developers, start here.