The challenge is real

Managing expenses can be costly, time consuming, and risky. Let’s simplify everything so you can sleep tight and have more time to focus on what really matters.


Shockingly, 75% of employees admit to stealing at least once from their employer.


Every year, businesses lose $50 billion as a result of employee theft.


One-third of cases occur because companies lack internal controls.


Billing and payroll fraud occurs at twice the rate in small businesses compared to large companies.


Traditional SaaS expense management systems are expensive and cumbersome to use.

How expense & stipend management programs help:

  • Issue one-time load or reloadable cards to your workers
  • Fund cards instantly and on demand
  • Virtual (e.g., Apple/Google Pay) or physical cards
  • Restrict expenditures by amount, merchant or merchant type, time, geographic location
  • Co-brand card to increase brand awareness in the marketplaceĀ 

Business benefits

Theft Reduction

Reduced theft and fraud

Simple reporting and lower costs

Simplify and eliminate costs associated with expense reimbursements

Employee Satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction by eliminating administrative burdens of submitting expenses for reimbursement

Who can this help?

Any business that needs to empower workers to make purchases on the company's behalf

  • Especially useful for any small or medium sized business
  • Employee stuck out of town? Issue them an instant card to cover lodging and meal expenses
  • Contractor needs to purchase materials? Issue them a card that can only be used for specified merchandise
  • Worker need to license software? Issue them a card that is only good for the approved vendor, for the approved amount
  • Infinite other possible use cases

What's included in our Expense & Stipend Management Technolgy Blend?

Quick StartEmbedded
Expense & Stipend Management
Reloadable purchase card
One-time load purchase card
Custom Program (Blend Your Own)

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