The challenge is real

Get more money in the hands of your clients, faster, so you can maximize your impact.


10% of the population is unbanked and 25% is underbanked, making it challenging for clients to cash paper checks


On average, it costs 2-10% to cash a check at a check cashing venue, thus hurting the wallets of those you are trying to help

2-3 days

Even for those banked, checks and ACH direct deposit can take 2-3 business days to clear

How government and charitable distribution programs help:

  • Issue one-time load or reloadable cards to your clients
  • Fund cards instantly and on demand
  • Restrict expenditures by amount, merchant or merchant type, time, geographic location if needed (e.g., only allow funds to be spent on food, clothes, or healthcare items)
Read Case Study: $1.5 Million Saved per Year

Supporting your mission

Help Clients

More money in the hards of your clients

Fast Payments

Faster payment - no more waiting

Focus on the Mission

We remove the hassle of banking so you can focus on your mission

Who can this help?

Any organization with a mission to help its clients financially

  • Charitable organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Non-Profits

What's included in our Government and Charitable distributions Technolgy Blend?

Quick StartEmbedded
Govt/Charitable distributions
Regular payouts
One-time distributions
Custom Program (Blend Your Own)

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