Stop Babysitting your Payroll

Child Care businesses are essential in today’s economy. About half of all workers on USA payrolls are women, with the majority of mothers, whether married or single, working outside the home.  Today, almost one-quarter of children under the age of five are in some form of an organized child care arrangement, which includes day care centers, nurseries, and preschools.  Given the ever-growing need for child care, business owners of small to medium sized child care facilities have a tremendous opportunity to succeed.  Finding the right business plan is critical to that success – hiring, facility management, curriculum, and administrative duties.

The management and operation of a Child Care business in today’s marketplace is challenging. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the child care industry ranks 3rd nationally in the number of self-employed professionals. Independent contractors that you hire to provide the care are a significant part of our nation’s 1099 workforce.

The last thing you need to worry about is the time consuming task of handling the payroll of the staff of child care providers and teachers that work on-site, or those off-site nannies, operating in the homes of your elite clients.  Juice For Business is the solution to your payroll management worries and brings speed and efficiency to your business so you’ll have time to join the children for storytelling, milk and cookies. If your business consists of contracted 1099 workers, Juice for Business can help you save tens of thousands in payroll fees. The average cost to a company for a printed payroll check is approximately $157 per employee, per year, every year. With Juice for Business Payout Debit Cards, (which are pre-paid debit cards) your company will save money and your employees can enjoy the convenience of not having to pay check-cashing fees or waste time standing in line to cash in their checks. No hassle. No waiting.

More companies are turning to branded PayOut Cards that benefit their employees – as well as their bottom line. Having an account, designing your own branded cards with your company’s logo (or choosing a design from available templates), and paying employees in real time is an easy and more efficient way to run a business, especially one that employees 1099 workers. Business owners really appreciate being able to automatically manage and pay workers on prepaid debit payout cards and build customer loyalty.

Juice for Business provides a payroll alternative that brings speed and efficiency to your child care business so you’ll have time to join the children on the playground or even an afternoon of finger painting! Most importantly, you’ll be delighted to know that your company will also save money! The average cost for a printed payroll check is approximately $152 per employee, per year, every year! With the disbursements of funds directly into an employee’s Debit Payout Card, no longer will you have lines at the front office with employees waiting to collect paychecks!

Using proprietary technology, the funds are automatically shipped to the employee’s payout card. An employee can then spend the card at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept MasterCard cards. They simply look for the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Juice PayOut Cards can be used to pay bills or can even be applied towards online purchases. Flexibility, expediency and ease are at the core of this innovative payroll solution!

If you are looking to truly modernize your payroll department with pre-paid debit cards for employees, and increase your profitability, you can register yourself here.

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