Welcome to your new Juice Card!

Please follow the steps below to activate your card, setup an account with Juice and log into the Juice Mobile App.

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Activate Your Card

  • If you have your physical card in hand, head over to our activation page and first, activate your card.
  • If you don’t have your card handy, have not received your card in the mail yet or have lost your card, please reach out to your Employer to have your card re-issued.

Create a User Name & Password

  • Once your card is active (STEP 1), you’ll need to create a unique User Name and Password that will be used to access your account. To do that, click the Enroll button here:

Access Your Account

  • Once your card is active (STEP 1), and you have created a new User Name and Password for this card (STEP 2), you can now access your account by downloading the Juice Mobile App for iOS or Android smart phones or by clicking one of these two links:
  • If you don’t have a smart phone and prefer to use our web portal to access your account, click below:

We gotchu!

If at any point in time you need help, please call us at (855) 687-2114 or click the Juice Support button here: