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Accounts On Our Platform
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Clients On Our Platform

Deploy complex financial solutions in days, zero code.

We won’t brag about how we’ve helped thousands of great companies. But we’re happy to let some of them do it.​

Gregg Hughes President - Odin Utilities

“The Juice team has been an absolute god-send for our company. They have enabled us to manage our employee pay in a detailed and efficient way! The support we receive from them is Top Notch!”

Duane Broom Owner - Orlando Protection Group

“Choosing Juice was the best decision I could make for my business. I made this decision because I got hit by check fraud. Besides losing a big amount of money, my company was put at risk. Ever since, OPG made the transition to Juice by paying out all 94 employees through branded payout cards."

Lisa Rodriguez Towne Staffing LLC

“I would like to take a moment to say how pleased I am with the customer service offered by Juice! Whenever I am in a pinch, I know my representative is always there for me whether it is via text, email or phone! HUGE thank you for going above and beyond by assisting with streamlining our payroll process with helpful suggestions and guidance. We are thankful to have you as a Partner!”

Dina Gallegos Office Manager - CRS Roofing Systems

“You guys are such lifesavers, your sign-up process catches all of our mistakes, it's great.”

Goldie Gelernter CEO - Towne Nursing

“Juice has been extremely helpful to us in offering benefits to our employees. The same day pay feature has been working seamlessly and incentivizes employees to go to work. On a customer service level Juice has been very responsive and attentive in quickly resolving any issues we had with the system.”

Lisa Petty-Hartgrov Executive Director

“It has been a pleasure using Juice for Business for our clients. We haven’t seen this level of customer service since before COVID. One area we greatly appreciate is how quickly wire deposits are credited to our Juice account. Many of our clients need funds immediately and being able to have a wire transfer completed quickly reduces their anxiety and ours.”

    Explore some of our most popular use cases...

    Customer rewards and loyalty
    Employee payout cards
    Earned wage access
    Employee rewards
    Reloadable purchase card
    One-time virtual purchase card
    Modern disbursements
    Regular charitable payouts
    Buy now, pay later

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