A Payroll Solution For Veterinarians That Makes Purrrfect Sense

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians are the medical professionals we trust to care for our furry family members. They are there for our pets – and for us – for all stages of our pets’ lives. Veterinarians often work in office practices, but many take their practice on the road, caring for animals large and small on farms, as well as in laboratories and classrooms.

Veterinarians are often on call in the event of pet emergencies, and this type of work can mean that the issuance of regular paychecks can be a chore – for the payroll and office manager as well as the employee. Now there’s a payroll debit card solution that can eliminate costly payroll fees and provide timely convenience for these 1099 contracted workers.

Juice Banking provides a seamless and modern way to manage payroll. Juice PayOut Cards are pre-paid debit cards that can be presented as an option for employee enrollment in lieu of a traditional paper paycheck.

Juice Payout Cards can easily be customized with the name and logo of a veterinary practice, allowing these pre-paid debit cards to serve as an additional marketing tool. Setting up a Juice Banking account is easy. You decide when payroll funds will be deposited into your Juice account and when those funds will be automatically loaded onto your Juice Payout Cards*. Employees will enjoy instant payroll satisfaction when their paycheck is put right into their pocket! Waiting in long lines at the bank or check cashing store is a thing of the past, not to mention the high fees that can sometimes accompany these establishments.

Traditional paper paychecks can cost $152 per employee, per year, every year. The savings you can realize by using Juice Bankin g as your payroll debit card solution can go right back into your veterinary practice. Juice Payout Cards* are also a superb way to track expenses and purchase items necessary for an animal’s care.

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