Case Study: How a Complete Reloadable Card Solution Changed the Game for Beneficiary Disbursements


JPay is a service provider for correctional systems across the United States, delivering a combination of media, communications, and payments services to these facilities. JPay has partnered with Juice for more than a decade to streamline the process of enabling current inmates and recently released individuals to get access to transferred money.

10,000+ Cards per Month Issued Over $1.5 Million Saved by JPay Customers on Check Cashing Fees per Year Over 1,000 Facilities Served Across the United States


One key element of JPay’s offering is that JPay facilitates the remittance of money to its beneficiaries from their loved ones.

The remittance of money with these end users is logistically quite complicated, since they cannot hold cash in a facility, yet they still need to make transactions (such as purchasing goods and services). And then once released, correctional facilities were traditionally cutting checks or disbursing cash, both problematic options since many constituents did not have access to bank accounts.

Moreover, JPay’s customers had to manage varying requirements across different jurisdictions, each of which has unique legal requirements. In short, serving these beneficiaries was complex, and current solutions were not meeting the needs of most users.

Correctional institutions, beneficiaries, and their families alike all desired a better alternative, but due to the complexity of delivering a more modern solution, JPay needed support from an experienced financial solutions provider.


Juice helped JPay create the first-ever reloadable card for correctional facilities, offering a modern way for JPay’s constituents to receive money.

First, Juice helped solve the issue of managing multiple product types. The product that needed to be delivered in each jurisdiction required working with and adhering to different regulations and managing unique fee schedules. In this way, the product that needs to be delivered and monitored in each jurisdiction is unique. Juice was able to leverage our existing relationships and decades of experience to manage these multiple products behind the scenes, allowing JPay to deliver cards from one consistent brand and customer experience to end users and institutions.

Second, Juice helped oversee the logistical component of deploying and tracking tens of thousands of cards all over the country. This particular element was a key differentiator and driver in why JPay chose to partner with Juice. With many thousands of cards being issued monthly, Juice fully manages the complicated logistics of shipping and distribution, tracking received cards, and more.

Third, Juice provides customer support to end users and their families. With the end users of these cards living outside of society for years or longer, many of them experience technological and other challenges in using their cards. Juice’s team provides a seamless customer support experience for users, no matter their jurisdiction.


Thanks to this combined solution, JPay revolutionized finance management for these facilities and their constituents by issuing a card product that appears seamless to the end users and correctional institution customers, despite numerous operational differences and logistical complexities behind the scenes.

“Juice completes our package of products and services that we’re able to offer to our customers. It puts the exclamation point on our total package due to the value that these cards offer to correctional facilities as well as the end users.”

– Mark Colyer, Product Manager at JPay

Today, JPay issues over 10,000 of the cards per month to beneficiaries at institutions across nearly 20 states. Juice has served as JPay’s provider for these solutions for over a decade.

JPay’s payment services offering is a core part of the total value that it delivers to customers. The solution is enormously valuable both to correctional facilities and the individuals, enabling JPay to more effectively go to market and deliver its full spectrum of solutions.

All said and done, Juice Banking saves JPay customers over $1.5 million per year in unnecessary check cashing fees while improving the user experience and managing complex regulations, banking relationships, and card network agreements.

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