Case Study: How Same-Day Pay Drives Employee Satisfaction and Reduced Costs for Medical Staffing Agency


Towne Nursing is a leading healthcare staffing agency, providing certified nursing professionals for long-term care facilities. The market for recruiting and retaining these employees is highly competitive. To improve employee flexibility and better appeal to prospective employees, Towne decided to offer the option for employees to get paid on the same day they completed their work. After initially using paper checks, Towne switched to Juice for reloadable debit cards. This saved dozens of administrative hours each week and eliminated check cashing fees for employees.

80+ Administrative Hours Saved per Month Over $277,000 Saved by Employees on Check Cashing Fees per Year Greater Engagement and Retention of 1,500+ Employees Nationally


As a staffing agency in the healthcare industry, employee recruitment and retention is very competitive. Leadership was frustrated about the challenges of employee retention in particular. To improve retention and satisfaction, they decided to offer same day pay to its healthcare staff.

Towne initially relied on issuing paper checks, as they had traditionally used in the past. However, this program proved to be extremely cumbersome, creating administrative headaches while still leaving a large portion of its workforce unhappy. Towne’s staff had to print checks every day, and employees had to find a way to get to the office to pick up their checks. A large portion of the workforce didn’t live near headquarters and could not use the program at all. It also disadvantaged many who don’t have bank accounts: They had to use check cashing facilities, which would charge up to 6% to cash each paycheck.

This solution that Towne had created to improve the employee experience had actually made things worse: it created administrative problems while still leaving many employees dissatisfied – and some worse off. It was costing time and money both administratively and to the individual employees. Towne needed a modern solution to make its same-day pay program work better.


Towne partnered with Juice to issue custom-branded, reloadable debit cards to all employees. With reloadable debit cards, Towne could offer same-day payroll to its entire workforce. Even those who lived or worked far from headquarters could now access it. This new debit card program greatly reduced manual administrative work. And by eliminating paper checks, employees no longer needed to visit the office or rely on costly check cashing services.


By partnering with Juice, Towne offers same-day funds to their entire network of employees. The solution resulted in substantial financial and time savings to everyone involved. Towne has been able to eliminate costly overhead in printing and issuing checks. Employees are happier because they have immediate access to their money. And, they no longer have to pay for check cashing fees or transportation to pick up their checks.

“We were able to open them a bank account, and say, ‘You have a debit card, and we’re able to deposit funds in your account every day.’ It was a win-win situation, and everyone’s happy.”

– Esther Bruckenstein, Director of Finance at Towne

Today, Towne pays all 1,500+ of its employees with a Juice reloadable debit card. The partnership has delivered benefits for everyone involved, improving both internal efficiencies by saving more than 80 hours per month, while saving employees over $277,000 on check cashing fees.

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