Farmers Can Now Grow More Than Just Agriculture

Throughout the decades, farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers have seen tremendous gains in the technologies that have made farming much more efficient and streamlined. When you think about it, farms are located far away from many modern conveniences, such as banks and check-cashing stores.

Today, many folks choose to open a bank account. Managing payroll for the many employees who assist farmers and ranchers often involved long trips to the nearest bank. High bank fees and minimum balance requirements have made modern-day banking inconvenient and cost-prohibitive. Cashing paychecks often come with fees themselves. If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits and disadvantages of various payment methods, you can read them in the following article.

Juice PayOut Cards eliminate these inconveniences and save employers and employees valuable time. Juice For Business is a revolutionary concept that provides pre-paid debit cards for farmers, ranchers, and 1099 agricultural workers. The savings associated with this payroll debit card solution for the farming, ranching, and agricultural industries is a real game-changer. The average cost to generate paychecks using traditional methods is approximately $152 per employee, per year. Savings like these are a real boon for every farm and ranch.

Best of all, this business paycheck solution can be done from the comfort of the home office, which gives these outdoor-loving individuals more time in their fields, tending to crops and livestock.

Employees will appreciate the fact that Juice PayOut Cards can be used at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept Mastercard®. Bills can be paid with this prepaid card and cash ATM withdrawals can be made as well.

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