Better Ways to do Payroll in the Home Health Care Industry

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With most of your employees working in the homes of clients, management of their daily tasks and training, in addition to marketing your home health care business, is essential to your business’ success. The last thing you’d want to worry about is the time-consuming task of handling your payroll.

The Home Health Care industry provides both medical and non-medical services to people of all ages with a mobile work force. As a payroll professional, you know that operating your business efficient and with proficiency is the key to success.

Why not simply eliminate the unnecessary time spent writing out payroll checks! Juice For Business is the solution to your payroll management headache. Employee debit payout cards are ideal for companies that have a workforce composed of independent 1099 contractors because a Juice for Business card gives employees immediately access to their work pay so they can immediately pay their bills, make debit or credit purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM.

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If you are looking to truly modernize your payroll department with prepaid debit cards, save on paper check fees, and make your payroll department’s life a lot easier to deal with your employees or independent contract workers, then you need to sign up for Juice for Business.

Your business can save around $3 per employee, per pay period in paper check fees! If you issue as few as 20 paper checks for a weekly payroll you may see a savings of $2912.00 annually.

Once your  staff receive their wages, their funds will appear in their Juice For Business account and they can immediately access their money to pay their bills, make debit or credit purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM. Juice for Business payout debit cards are convenient and cost-effective for employees and employers!

Juice Payout Cards provide your aides, nurses, companions, and employees without a bank account with a simplified means of getting compensated. Whether you manage payroll yourself or have an accountant handle your financial responsibilities, no longer will it be necessary to print out payroll checks and track down your employees to deliver their earnings.

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