Payroll Solutions for the Modern Day Call Center

Most call centers focus on one of three categories: inbound sales, outbound sales, or customer service. Regardless of the focus, a successful call center operation requires numerous employees, availability around the clock, and, most importantly, an operation that is meticulously organized. Chances are you have employees spread out in various offices, or actually working out of their homes, since the only equipment required is a telephone with a headset and a computer. Whether your representatives are assisting consumers with customer service complaints or making telemarketing calls, management of the call volume and, hence, their consumer interaction, are the two most critical components to your daily responsibilities.

Therefore, why laden yourself with the burden of a cumbersome payroll system? Isn’t it time you streamline your payroll and update the process with a technological approach! With Juice for Business, our state-of-the-art technology will immeasurably alter how you manage your payroll, especially if your company includes a workforce composed of independent 1099 contractors. Juice for Business is the paycheck solution system that mutually benefits your call center business, as well as your employees, whether they be full-time or part-time, temporary, or even unbanked (those employees without a bank account). Now your company can save thousands, if not tens of thousands in payroll fees while providing employees with real-time access to their earnings with your own branded payout program. Say goodbye to the hassle of paper paychecks! There’s now a better way to pay your contracted workers!

With Juice Payout Cards, no longer will you be printing out payroll checks and then tracking down your team members, mailing their payroll checks, or having them stop by the office (assuming they work in the same community), to deliver their earnings. Rather than write out individual paychecks each pay period, now you can automatically pay the representatives that you employ with Juice PayOut Cards. This paycheck solution immediately puts the funds into their hands using proprietary technology – the funds are automatically shipped to their payout cards. How it works is worker wages will appear in their Juice For Business account allowing them to immediately access those funds to pay their bills or withdraw cash from an ATM, much the way a debit card is typically used.

Your team members won’t be waiting for their paycheck to arrive in their mailbox! Those employees without a bank account will no longer have to head to the check cashing store to cash their payroll checks and they’ll even save money with no more hefty check cashing fees. An employee can spend the card at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept MasterCard cards. Juice PayOut Cards can also be used to pay household bills or make online purchases.

Your company saves money with the Juice for Business payroll solution! The average cost to a company for a printed payroll check is approximately $152 per employee, per year, every year! Juice for Business cuts your business expenses and increases the company’s bottom-line!

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