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The wait staff, kitchen help, delivery drivers, chefs, and hosts are the many employees needed for a successful restaurant.  Whether you’re operating an Italian pizzeria or a Chinese or Sushi restaurant, setting up an organized payroll system for your employees will make your job less stressful!  How you more efficiently and competently handle the business aspects of running your eatery allows you the occasion to greet your customers as well as stay on top of the kitchen, wait staff, and delivery employees.  Juice for Business is the main ingredient for a successful and effortless payroll management system!

On average, for new upstart restaurants or eateries, your payroll costs should be about 25 to 35 percent of your total gross sales. If payroll costs are higher than 35 percent of the restaurant’s gross sales, it’s time to eliminate or cut expenses. One such saving mechanism, is through a paycheck solution system that mutually benefits your restaurant as well as your employees. On the business side, the average cost to a restaurant for a printed payroll check is approximately $152 per employee, per year, every year! Utilizing Juice For Business, your restaurant instantly starts saving in the expense column and increases the bottom-line!

How does it work? Rather than write out individual paychecks each pay period, now you can automatically pay your staff with Juice PayOut Cards. This paycheck solution immediately puts the funds into the hands of employees via their individual Juice Payout Cards. Using proprietary technology, the funds are automatically shipped to their payout cards. No hassle. No waiting. An employee can spend the card at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept MasterCard cards. They simply look for the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Juice PayOut Cards can be used to pay bills or can be employed for online purchases. Flexibility, usefulness and convenience are at the heart of this modern-day business payroll solution!

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