Truck Drivers Move Their Paychecks Faster with Juice For Business

If not for truck drivers, commerce in the United States would come to a virtual standstill. Our economy relies heavily on these dedicated, focused individuals to deliver millions of items to businesses, warehouses and households every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were roughly 1.8 million truck drivers employed in the United States in 2014.

In order to haul various goods all over the United States, truck drivers are on the road constantly. Driving big rigs means that ordinary personal errands – like making a stop to the bank – often have to wait, and on payday, that can be difficult.

Now, companies that employ truck drivers have a new payroll debit card solution that expedites the ability to pay these hard-working 1099 contracted workers: Juice Banking.

Juice Banking is an exciting, streamlined way to pay employees by providing pre-paid debit cards, called Juice PayOut Cards*in lieu of a traditional paycheck. Utilizing proprietary technology, payroll funds are automatically deposited into your Juice For Business account, and on payday, your truck drivers will have their paychecks put right into their wallet, on the road, with no driving off course to the bank to deposit a check.

Traditional paychecks cost businesses money – approximately $152 per employee, per year, every year. Juice For Business changes all that by helping to eliminate costly payroll fees. And Juice PayOut Cards* also serve as an expeditious way to handle other business expenses involved in the trucking industry.

Another benefit of Juice PayOut Cards*is the ability to promote your brand by customizing your cards. When setting up your Juice Banking account, there’s no limit to your marketing creativity. Promote the name of your company using your branded logo, colors, fonts and photos. Employees help to promote your business when they use their Juice PayOut Card at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept Mastercard®. ATM cash withdrawals and personal bill pay are added benefits of these pre-paid debit cards as well.

Pre-paid, branded and customizable debit cards for today’s on-the-road truck drivers are an easy way to promote your brand, manage precious time and deliver instant satisfaction for everyone!

Juice for Business is backed by Praxell, the company with 16 years of experience in prepaid card and payment technology. Praxell has the expertise to ensure that your funds — and your employees’ funds — are safe and secure.

*PayOut Cards are a general-purpose reloadable prepaid card, presented as an option for employee enrollment. * Print cost per check based on data from

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