What is a payout card?

Simply put, Payout Cards are reloadable prepaid cards, that make it easier to pay employees, contractors and staff. You might also know it as a paycard.

Rather than writing out paper checks each pay period, you can pay your workers with Juice Payout Cards. At the end of each pay period, you transfer your worker’s paycheck onto their cards. Your employees or contractors no longer have wait  for the check in the mail, no driving to pick it up, no standing in line at a check casher.

Why should I use one to pay my employees or contractors?

You save time by not having to write and/or send paper checks. You can use your existing payroll solution or you can link your bank account to Juice for Business, and pay your employees by loading their card from your phone or computer.

The best part? Your employees are paid on the spot and manage their income through the website and use the payout cards as any regular Mastercard.

Benefits for you as an employer

  • Save time & money on sending checks
  • Promote your brand by adding your own logo & design
  • Easier to manage
  • Develop employee loyalty

Benefits for your workers

  • Paycheck gets automatically loaded on prepaid card account
  • No waiting in line to cash check
  • No check cashing fees*

And how do I sign up?

Create a free account using your computer, tablet or phone. Fill in your contact and business details and you’ll be on your way. It’s that simple.

*See fees and payment on Terms of Use Agreement