The way your HR department is managing their business defines how the workplace is being interpreted. If the HR department resists on moving forward and keeps behind with their “good old practices” than the workplace will also be left behind in ancient times. By resisting to move forward, you teams get hurt by not being able to recruit new and young employees or even to impress new possible clients. But, don´t worry! Making these adjustments to move to the 21st century is easier than it seems. By following our 6 best practices, you will be able to move to a modernized HR.

Offer a flexible workspace

A recent study found that 75 percent of employees listed work-life balance as a top priority in a job. Today’s new generation of workers expect flexibility in their work environment, whether that means being allowed to work from home or keeping an hourly schedule that better meets their needs. You may not be able to offer them the best salary or the nicest office spaces, but you can win them over and retain them by implying them with less policies and more focused on employee happiness.

Recruit all year long

Keep your eyes always open for great team members, don´t only focus on recruiting when there is a position available in your company. If you´re always on the lookout for great team members, you´ll likely find that when an opening does arise, you´re fully prepared to fill it. When you don´t have a position available, shift your focus from placing ads to networking events and job fairs to find the perfect professionals.

Include Freelancers

The job market is changing, and the freelance economy is growing. Many workers are choosing for the freedom of contracted work over a salaried position in a company. If your HR department is only focused on hiring salaried workers, you will miss out a lot of specialized knowledge for your company to grow. Your company will find it difficult to compete with many other HR departments that do contract freelancers.

Work on problem-solving

Train yourself and your team in conflict resolution, with the ability to work one-on-one with your employees to ensure that everyone is satisfied. Disagreements between employees is inevitable, if you have an HR team that can easily resolve them in a quick way, you will create a positive work environment.

Bring automation in your payroll

The payroll is one of those daily processes in the HR department. A good ERP system can help bring everything the company does under one umbrella, so that you can avoid duplicate work. This system also allows to extract reports which will help you better manage the employees and contractors on your teams. You will be able to gain insights into which employees are the most productive, which take the most vacation time, and many more information that can help you in your labour planning.

Simplify your payroll

One of the first steps to take is to modernize your payroll. Automate it, so that you can save yourself time and so your employees are happy knowing the exact dates that they will receive their payroll. If you are still cutting payroll checks and using manual timesheets, then you are wasting valuable time and money each month. By moving to automatic payroll, you will also reduce the risks to make costly mistakes in your recordkeeping, which will help keep you out of trouble at tax time. Use a quick and easy solution to pay your workers like Juice For Business. Which helps you in direct deposits to a Pay Card. This solution will help you save costs on your paying fees and will simplify life as a Payroll Executive and for your employees. They will have a Pay Card that they can use as a normal card to pay all their expenses. To read more about our Pay Cards, check out more on our website!
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