Paying Your Carpenters Just Got Easier with this Top-Rated Debit PayOut System

Juice for Business PayOut Cards are payroll debit cards that enable employers to easily pay their carpenters and 1099 contracted workers using a prepaid and branded debit card. This is especially convenient for workers who may not have a bank account, or for paying per-diem workers. Card holders can use their Juice Payout Card to make purchases just as they would with a typical bank debit card. Juice PayOut Cards is an easy way to simplify your payroll management system and help your employees . . . and there is no minimum number required to set up the program!

For companies that want to provide their carpenters with real-time access to their earnings using customized, branded automatic payout debit cards, Juice for Business is the most modernized payroll solution available. The Juice card payroll system is simple to implement, involves NO COST to the company. It also enables businesses to eliminate paper payroll checks and save money.

Paying your carpenters is now easier than ever. Just invite your employees to sign up, or keep an inventory of branded instant issue cards at the work site to hand out to new employees who are interested in registering for this exciting and convenient, automatic payroll alternative.

Once your workers are registered and verified, you and your employees will receive a bank routing and account number, as you would with a direct deposit account. At the end of each pay period, your employees’ earnings will be automatically loaded onto their Juice Payout Card so they can immediately access their money to pay bills or purchase items online. Juice for Business PayOut Cards can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard , which is at over 35 million locations worldwide. Just look for the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Traditional printed checks are costly, often adding up to about $157 per employee every single year. Switching to Juice for Business payroll debit cards to pay 1099 contracted workers saves time and money for you and for your work staff. Employees will appreciate not having to stand in line each pay period waiting to cash their paychecks; plus NO MORE CHECK-CASHING FEES!

If you are looking to truly modernize your payroll department with pre-paid debit cards for employees, and increase your profitability, you can register yourself here.

If you want to know more about our solution, we recommend the following page: How it works

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