Driving, Delivery and Sales Worker Industry Reaps Rewards With Payroll Debit Cards

Commerce and business in the United States relies heavily on the driving, delivery and sales worker industry. These hard-working, always-on-the-road individuals are the lifeblood of delivery services, dealing with logistics, sales and customer service, all on a timetable and, in many instances, a deadline. How can delivery and cargo companies maximize the time their drivers are on the road while building employee loyalty? Switch to branded pre-paid debit cards for 1099 employees.

Juice For Business is a dynamic and innovative company that was founded in 2016, providing pre-paid debit cards for the driving, delivery and sales worker industry. Juice PayOut Cards are reloadable debit cards that can be used at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept Mastercard. Employees can pay their bills with this prepaid card and even make cash ATM withdrawals as well.

Getting started is easy. Using proprietary technology, your company’s payroll account can be set up and managed online, and business owners can even choose what employees’ cards can look like! Juice PayOut Cards are customizable so that you can promote your brand, using your company logo, colors and images. Each pay period, the funds are automatically loaded onto the cards, allowing you to save the approximately $152 per employee, per year that traditional paychecks cost. Your employees have cash in hand within minutes, and you promote your business while increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty in one fell swoop. If delays due to traffic or inclement weather may keep an employee from getting back to the office to collect a paycheck, the accessibility of a pre-loaded debit card is priceless to them. Juice PayOut Cards* can even be used to track company expenses, such as gasoline and maintenance on vehicles, providing streamlined financial support that can be accessed from any computer, anytime.

Bank and check-cashing fees have increased over the years, and many people today would rather not pay the fees associated with minimum balances. The speed at which business is handled in this day and age means waiting on line at financial institutions costs both time and money for you, the business owner and your customers, who rely on you for timely deliveries. Juice For Business has changed all of that.

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