Housekeeping Service Workers Can Now Enjoy a Tidy Payday

The undeniable hard work and spotless dedication of the nearly one million individuals who are employed in the housekeeping services industry in the United States cannot be overstated. The tourism industries in every one of the 50 states rely on these 1099 contracted workers for everything related to the cleanliness and readiness of hotel rooms and spaces. The hours worked by these dedicated individuals often means that personal errands – like trips to the bank – are difficult to achieve.

Likewise, the nonstop attention to detail that tourism industry management faces day in and day out means that regular functions related to business operations sometimes become a distracting chore – like payroll, for example. Juice Banking provides a seamless and uncomplicated way to manage payroll for 1099 workers while providing the ultimate convenience to your employees.

Writing out individual paychecks each pay period is time consuming. It’s also costly; on average, processing and delivering a written paycheck costs approximately $152 per employee, per year. With Juice Banking, you can automatically pay your workers with Juice Payout Cards. This payroll debit card solution immediately puts the funds into the hands of employees via their individual Juice Payout Cards. Using proprietary technology, the funds are automatically shipped to their Juice Payout Cards and that means immediate employee satisfaction on payday.

Another exciting feature of Juice Banking payout cards is that you can promote your brand at the same time you pay your housekeeping professionals. Juice Payout Cards are fully customizable; you are free to design your own using your logo, colors, captions and photos. Marketing your business just became easier, and your employees are sure to be proud to help with your name recognition when they know their paycheck goes directly onto their prepaid debit card.

Housekeeping professionals will appreciate the fact that Juice Payout Cards can be used at any of the 35 million locations worldwide that accept Mastercard®. These branded prepaid cards are versatile and incredibly useful. Personal bills can be paid with this prepaid card and cash ATM withdrawals can be made with them as well.

Pre-paid, branded and customizable debit cards for housekeeping service workers are an easy way to promote your brand, boost your bottom line and provide instant satisfaction for everyone in your company! Visit Juice For Business today to get started. You can always learn more by contacting us.

Juice for Business is backed by Praxell, the company with 16 years of experience in prepaid card and payment technology. Praxell has the expertise to ensure that your funds — and your employees’ funds — are safe and secure.

*PayOut Cards are a general-purpose reloadable prepaid card, presented as an option for employee enrollment. * Print cost per check based on data from

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