Modernize Payroll with Paycards and Reduce Employee Turnover

In an economy when every penny counts, even the smallest increase in revenue or reduction in expenses can have an impact on your businesses’ profitability.

If you’re still paying your employees using paper checks, you might be looking for alternatives.

In this article, we’ll describe the benefits of using Payout Cards, and what it means for your employees. Hint, they will love it.

What are the benefits?

By switching from paper to plastic, you can save a lot of time and money in the long run. This benefits both you as a payroll professional, as well as your employees.

Choosing a payroll card provider as Juice for Business, gives you a lot of benefits.

  • By switching from paper to plastic, you save your employees from paying hefty check cashing fees and eliminate the countless hours they spent cashing their paychecks.
  • On the business side, you save around $3 per check, per employee, per pay period.

For your employees

All 1099’ed employees — the waitress at the local restaurant, the temporary construction worker, or the per diem home health worker — can benefit from the effortlessness of Juice Payout Cards.

As a result, your employees will be more satisfied with their work. And satisfied employees are simply more productive and more efficient. If employee satisfaction is at the heart of your company mission statement, our Juice Payout Cards ensure you fulfill that goal.

Meet an efficient way of paying your employees

If you are looking to truly modernize your payroll department with prepaid debit cards, save on paper check fees, and make your Payroll or Account Payable department’s life a lot easier to deal with your independent contract workers, then you need to sign-up for Juice for Business.

Our program optimizes the payment to 1099 Contractors by providing them a financial tool (prepaid card) for receiving pay, managing expenses, debit/credit purchases and bill pay.

Your CEO, owner or CFO will be happy that you switched to prepaid debit cards to pay your independent contract workers due to the efficiencies created and cost savings it will create from eliminating the need for paper checks.

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